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Enphase is the world’s #1 brand for solar microinverters. Enjoy a smarter solar energy system with Enphase. Enphase microinverters connect to your solar panels and monitor the performance of each panel using smart, cloud-based software. Get more free energy, reduce electricity bills, and save more!

Enphase microinverters allow you to benefit from independent solar panel operation, remote monitoring and troubleshooting. The design offers maximum flexibility, so you get more energy from your solar system, industry-leading reliability, and a quicker return on investment.

With Enphase, you know your solar system is always operating optimally. Its advanced MyEnlighten monitoring feature makes identifying and resolving problems quicker and easier. Maximise system performance with Enphase so that your system pays for itself faster!

The Enphase MyEnlighten app gives you total control online. Manage system performance with an easy-to-use and customisable interface. Access MyEnlighten via your smartphone, tablet or computer to track system data. Get hourly, daily, monthly reports on the amount of energy your system generates. Compare performance against archived weather data.

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