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Huawei is a world leader in solar inverter manufacturing. It has won awards for the best solar inverter supplier and has been ranked #1 in the world 3 times for the number of inverters shipped globally.

Huawei continually innovates the integration of digital information technology and solar technology to produce solutions for a wide range of solar energy applications. The company has successfully combined AI, cloud-based technology, and various unique design concepts in its industry-leading FusionSolar Smart PV Solution.

Its range of solar products help you optimize your initial investment, reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase solar energy yield, and reduce the payback time of your system.

With Huawei, energy independence is no longer a dream. The Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution gives you complete control over your energy supply.

The Huawei Smart Energy Center inverter offers an impressive 98.6% efficiency and comes with an integrated energy storage interface, so it’s battery-ready. It also has an IP65 weatherproof enclosure and natural cooling.

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