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Brisbane is the Victoria’s 3rd largest inland city by population, located on the Yarrowee River, inculcates a blooming culture, festivals throughout the year, amazing tourist spots, and splendid art scenes. The city is greatly influenced by the Victorian Gold Rush whose heritage can be witnessed in its architecture and streetscape. The Brisbaneians loves to embrace their lifestyle within nature’s beauty. The greens sustain their beauty with the Sun power.

The Sun energy is one of the cheapest and the cleanest forms on the earth. A normal day in Brisbane consists of a 12-hour of sun rays, which is why the locals are moving forward for the Solar installation at their rooftops.

We have enhanced and will offer you the ultra-modern solution to your solar power needs. We ensure you the best support and installation that fits your business/residential needs.

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Commercial Solar

We strives to save your single cent with every sunrise. Our main aim is to design and install commercial solar system in Brisbane, that fits your business needs and will help you to maximise your saving effectively and efficiently.

Residential Solar

We are ready to help you out to save your present & future!! We are introducing the new frontier known as the Solar For Home. “The sun can power everything on our earth” and we have taken a great initiative to utilise this greatest power source to light up homes.

Power House Of Sun Energy Production

Solar Power in Brisbane is one of the greatest sources of the natural energy, it has the power to light up your home. Not only this but also it helps control of your electricity bills. The system generates energy during daytime which is then stored and utilized for years. Be it home or commercial space, our team of experts at Right Choice Solar will help you right from the installation process to post-sale services.

Say Hello To A Brighter World

Since many years, Right Choice Solar has been striving hard to help customers installed a qualified solar power system across the country-wide. Solar power has the potentials to enlighten your home and secure a bright future for you. It reduces the energy consumption and benefits you in the long run. It eliminates the dependents on fossil fuel and combats against environmental impacts.

With Right Choice Solar you can achieve a bright future by getting installed solar panels in Brisbane on your rooftop. Save energy and enjoy rest of your life.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

We at Right Choice Solar, with a team of qualified and experienced experts in the industry, will help you to get your home energy independent. Means, now you don’t have to rely on external sources to get more energy. Commercials and residents can now generate their own source of energy and reduce electricity bills over the time. It’s the solar power that will help your space getting impacted from green gas emissions.

Affordable & Competitive Rates

Thinking, how much solar panels installation will cost you? Leave your worries to us. Very less maintenance is required to keep solar cells running. Our Solar expert will help you get the right solar panels in Brisbane at a competitive rate that yields good profits in future.

Now you can easily calculate quotes online. Contact us to discuss your solar installation plan today!

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