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located in the center of the state, it ideally reaps a huge amount of benefits of Solar power.

The power of Solar energy has extended throughout the country. Since the green energy has the power to curb electricity costs, people are more attracted to get solar panels installed on their rooftop. With the increasing demand for Solar power, we at Right Choice Solar have extended our services in Perth, where our group of solar experts will now help people in installing the solar panels Perth.

We have enhanced and will offer you the ultra-modern solution to your solar power needs. We ensure you the best support and installation that fits your business/residential needs.

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Commercial Solar

Right Choice Solar strives to save your single cent with every sunrise. Our main aim is to design and install commercial solar system, that fits your business needs and will help you to maximise your saving effectively and efficiently.

Residential Solar

At Right Choice Solar we are ready to help you out to save your present & future!! We are introducing the new frontier known as the Solar For Home. “The sun can power everything on our earth” and we have taken a great initiative to utilise this greatest power source to light up homes.

Solar Power System Perth

The Sun’s rays have proved to be much beneficial for power generation. All thanks to Solar Energy that can now harness the power of the sun and store energy that can be used till years. The photovoltaic system is a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable resource that can help reduce a considerable amount of electricity bill.

Be it your home or business, with the smart innovation you can light up your spaces till decades. Now you don’t have to get frustrated with the rising energy costs, Right Choice Solar is here for help.

Be Smart & Choose Smart

There is no doubt that the Solar power has the potential to light up your spaces throughout the year. The smartest innovation of green energy has proved as a blessing for many people. If you choose to get the smartest technology at your rooftop, then get it now! We will help you get the best deals on solar power at a competitive rate.

The smartest technology – Solar energy, is environment-friendly that does not pollute and keep your surroundings clean and green. It requires a minimum cost for maintenance and is suited best to save more energy till years.

High Volt System More Energy Consumption

The number of power usage depends on the number of energy consumption and the number of occupants. The higher solar system you choose the more energy will be saved. For example, if you choose a 3kw system then around 12 kWh power gets generated each day. If you choose a 5kw system then approximately 20 kWh power gets generated per day.

To estimate how many Kw a solar system can benefit you to save hours of energy, calculate online on our web. For more detailed information, you can call us and discuss solar deals with our experts.

Affordable & Competitive Rates

Once installed, the solar system extracts the Sun’s energy during the day, saves it the system, which can be further reused as per your energy requirement patterns. The system helps in saving your pockets by cutting down high electricity expenses.

Get one installed on your rooftop now! You can call us to know how much system requirement you can have for your home or business.

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